One of the original offerings to fans of the series, The Wonderweapon was released under various company monikers, most prevalently ZYX Records and Clockwork Records, both of Frankfurt, Germany. Airwolf The Wonderweapon
Although this album is dedicated almost completely to Airwolf, the music is widely regarded as an inferior effort. Most of these tracks make use of a simple, artistic interpretation of the main Airwolf theme, but they avoid Sly Levay's secondary themes altogether. The techno-synthesized sounds diverge from anything originally heard in the show.
This album was released in LP, Cassette and CD format, and is not currently available online.
Airwolf The Wonderweapon Various
1 Airwolf - Soundtrack Sylvester Levay
2 The Wonderweapon Sixto Ferrer Lopez
3 Supercopter Arabia Habelt, Westphal, Orson
4 Gladiator Habelt, Orson, Westphal
5 Theme From Airwolf (Dance & Disco) Sylvester Levay
6 Twilight Westphal, Habelt, Orson
7 Theme From Airwolf Sylvester Levay
8 Caravan Habelt, Westphal, Orson
9 Gladiator XLZ Westphal, Habelt, Orson
10 Airwolf - War Sylvester Levay
11 Bonus Beats Sylvester Levay
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