Airwolf Themes
Created by Mark J. Cairns, Airwolf Themes was originally released in 1999 as a double-compact disc album. However, the limited release of 1,000 copies sold out within three years. Now for the iPod generation comes the re-release of all tracks in remastered, downloadable format. Most of these orchestrations evoke memories of the music specific to each episode.
Sylvester Levay's series theme music is also well represented on both the first and second disc; the latter was composed and recorded by Mr. Levay himself.
Airwolf Themes Mark J. Cairns
1 Main Theme - 3rd Season Opening Titles Sylvester Levay
2 The American Dream Sylvester Levay
3 Annie Oakley Sylvester Levay
4 Dambreakers Udi Harpaz
5 Desperate Monday Sylvester Levay
6 Discovery Sylvester Levay
7 Fallen Angel Sylvester Levay
8 Fight Like A Dove/Bite of the Jackal Sylvester Levay
9 Fortune Teller Udi Harpaz
10 Hawke's Run/Kingdom Come Sylvester Levay
11 The Hunted Sylvester Levay
12 HX1 Sylvester Levay
13 Inn at the End of the Road Sylvester Levay
14 Mad Over Miami/Prisoner of Yesterday Sylvester Levay
15 Pilot/Moffett's Ghost Sylvester Levay
16 Natural Born Udi Harpaz
17 Once a Hero Sylvester Levay
18 Short Walk to Freedom Udi Harpaz
19 Main Theme - 1st Season Closing Theme Sylvester Levay
20 Sins of the Past Sylvester Levay
21 Sweet Britches Ian Freebairn-Smith
22 Main Theme - Descending Bridge Theme Sylvester Levay
1 Main Theme - Extended Aerial Sylvester Levay
2a Echos From the Past - St. John's Theme Sylvester Levay
2b Echos From the Past - Gabrielle's Theme
3a Eagle's Serenade - 1st season medley Sylvester Levay
3b Mind of the Machine - 1st season medley
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