Airwolf Main Themes EP (Extended Play) is the first official follow-up to the highly successful Airwolf Themes album. This download-only release is provided as a teaser preview for the upcoming Airwolf Extended Themes. Airwolf Themes EP
With this album, Mark J. Cairns introduces the work of Polish musician Jan Michal Szulew, whose orchestrations blend the various original incarnations of the series theme together in the form of extended homages. The result is a bold, stirring blend of that memorable music sure to evoke the excitement of some of Airwolf's most memorable missions. These are the tunes that left viewers humming around the office week after week.
This album is a direct-to-web release.
Airwolf Main Themes EP Jan Michal Szulew
1 2nd - 3rd Season Closing Main Theme Sylvester Levay
2 2nd Season Minimalist Main Theme Sylvester Levay
3 1st Season Synth Main Theme Sylvester Levay
4 Minimalist Main Theme Sylvester Levay
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