Episode 26
Title Santini's Millions
Working Title Where There's A Will
Production Number 58824
Season 2
Season Episode 15
First-Run Airdate 2/2/1985
Director Sutton Roley
Producer Lester Wm. Berke
Screenplay Michael Halperin
Executive Producer Donald P. Bellisario
Supervising Producer T.S. Cook
Director of Photography Stan Lazan
Art Director Gary A. Lee
Editor Drake Silliman
Music Sylvester Levay
Co-Producer Carol Gillson
Associate Producers Leon Ortiz-Gil
Carl Vitale
Edward Ledding
Sound John K. Kean
Sound Editor Michael D. Wilholt
Music Editor Gene L. Gillette
Production Manager Thomas J. Blank
1st AD Ryan Gordon
2nd ADs Richard W. Abramitis
Tom Archuleta
Story Consultant Chester Krumholz
Story Editors Westbrook Claridge
Alfonse M. Ruggiero Jr.
Set Decorator Fred Winston
Costume Supervisors Arlene Zamiara
John Casey
Second Unit Director/
Aerial Coordinator
David Jones
Stunt Coordinator Ron Stein
Casting Joe Reich, CSA
Jan-Michael Vincent Stringfellow Hawke
Ernest Borgnine Dominic Santini
Alex Cord Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III
Jean Bruce-Scott Caitlin O'Shannessy
John Ireland Carl Barron
Lory Walsh Margo Brewster
Jared Martin James Graydon
Joseph Ruskin Cooper
Hank Brandt Charles Selkirk
Conroy Gideon Senator Younger
John O'Connell Angelo
Douglas M. Warhit Director
Pamela Bowman Dolores
Vincent Howard Smitty
Ray Colbert Doctor
Jonathon Hugger Man #1
Screenplay revision dates: 12/19/1984
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When Dominic Santini is flying Airwolf alone on a mission, he lands the helicopter to rescue a downed pilot and stands to inherit millions on NBC Universalís "AIRWOLF" episode entitled "Santini's Millions." This segment was written by Michael Halperin and directed by Sutton Roley.

Because Hawke is ill with the flu, Dominic is flying Airwolf alone on an errand of mercy from Alaska to Chicago. He spots the smoldering wreck of an executive jet and lands to pick up the survivor. The wrecked plane had been piloted by Carl Barron, the founder and president of a high-tech, multinational corporation. Not only does Dominic deliver the cryogenic carrier containing a human heart that has to be in a Chicago hospital for a transplant, he also makes sure that Barron is back in Los Angeles for a very important board meeting that the head of Barron Technology Service has to attend. Barron had offered Dominic fifty thousand dollars to deliver him to L.A. without the original mission's destination stop, but Dominic had stuck to his commitment to deliver the heart to Chicago first. With Airwolf's extraordinary capabilities, Dominic is able to get Carl Barron to his board meeting in time. Barron is very impressed with Airwolf's high-tech performance, but he is even more taken with Dominic's frankness and integrity. Not too long after this incident, an explosion destroys one of BTS's labs and Barron is believed to have died in the blaze. After Barron's funeral, the will is read and Dominic has been left 40 percent of Barron's huge estate. And that-is the beginning of a long list of problems for Dominic. BTS's chief executive officer, James Graydon, becomes Dominic's greatest threat. A stunned and enraged Graydon wants control of the large corporation, and he will go to any length of obtain it.
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