Episode 18
Title Fallen Angel
Working Title Angel of Mercy
Production Number 58804
Season 2
Season Episode 7
First-Run Airdate 11/3/1984
Director Sutton Roley
Producer Lester Wm. Berke
Screenplay Deborah M. Pratt
Executive Producer Donald P. Bellisario
Supervising Producer Calvin Clements, Jr.
Director of Photography Stan Lazan
Art Director Gary A. Lee
Editor Robert L. Kimble, A.C.E.
Music Sylvester Levay
Co-Producer Carol Gillson
Associate Producers Leon Ortiz-Gil
Michael Snyder
Sound John K. Kean
Sound Editor Michael H. Wilholt
Music Editor Gene L. Gillette
Production Manager Thomas J. Blank
1st AD Ryan Gordon
2nd AD Warren D. Gray
Story Consultant Chester Krumholz
Story Editor Westbrook Claridge
Set Decorator Greg Garrison
Costume Supervisors Barbara Lee Maccarone
John Casey
Second Unit Director/
Aerial Coordinator
David Jones
Stunt Coordinator Ron Stein
Casting Donna Dockstader
Jan-Michael Vincent Stringfellow Hawke
Ernest Borgnine Dominic Santini
Alex Cord Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III
Jean Bruce-Scott Caitlin O'Shannessy
Deborah Pratt Marella (Archangel's Aide)
Camilla Sparv Maria Von Furster
John Ericson Dr. Karl Kruger
Barrie Ingham Vladimir Kinskcov
John Brandon Zeus
Carole Ita White Nurse
Bob Zmuda Director
Gene Whittington 1st AD
Frank Lester Polize One
Etan Boritzer Polize Two
Maria Mayenzet Olga
East Berlin
Fallen Angel
Screenplay revision dates: 08/13/1984
EN  09/17/1984
This episode is rated in the TOP 15.
Hawke and Airwolf are the only chance to bring the captured Archangel and a female agent out of East Germany on NBC Universalís "AIRWOLF" episode entitled "Fallen Angel." The segment was written by Deborah M. Pratt and directed by Sutton Roley.

Hawke and Dominic are flying some stunts in a vintage airplane for a film crew on location. Something goes wrong and both Hawke and Dominic end up in the hospital. Hawke only suffered some lacerations about the head and an injury to his arm but Dominic is in traction with a dislocated vertebrae. It looks like there'll be no flying for him for a while. In the meantime, in East Germany, Archangel is being detained in a fortified castle where he meets up with Dr. Karl Kruger. He knew him some 20 years ago, and now Kruger wants Archangel to work with him voluntarily. Archangel also knows that under the laws of his own organization there is very little hope to be rescued. When he meets Comrad Kinskcov, he knows that the KGB is running the show. Back in the U.S.A., Hawke knows he cannot fly Airwolf alone -- he will use Dominic's brain and Caitlin's body, and so he prepares for this dangerous mission ahead. Flying low enough not to be detected, they get into East Germany. Outside the castle, Hawke is planning his strategy. He had contacted Maria Von Furster, and with her assistance, he frees Archangel. Dominic and Caitlin pilot the chopper and all except Maria get away only to come back to complete the mission.
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