Episode 14
Title Moffett's Ghost
Working Title Dark Legacy
Production Number 58805
Season 2
Season Episode 3
First-Run Airdate 10/6/1984
Director Donald A. Baer
Producer Lester Wm. Berke
Screenplay T.S. Cook
Executive Producer Donald P. Bellisario
Supervising Producer Calvin Clements, Jr.
Director of Photography Stan Lazan
Art Director Gary A. Lee
Editor Michael Berman, A.C.E.
Music Sylvester Levay
Co-Producer Carol Gillson
Associate Producers Leon Ortiz-Gil
Michael Snyder
Sound John K. Kean
Sound Editor Michael H. Wilholt
Music Editor Gene L. Gillette
Production Manager Thomas J. Blank
1st AD CC Coleman
2nd AD Warren D. Gray
Story Consultant Chester Krumholz
Story Editor Westbrook Claridge
Set Decorator Greg Garrison
Costume Supervisors Barbara Lee Maccarone
John Casey
Second Unit Director/
Aerial Coordinator
David Jones
Casting Donna Dockstader
Jan-Michael Vincent Stringfellow Hawke
Ernest Borgnine Dominic Santini
Alex Cord Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III
Deborah Pratt Marella (Archangel's Aide)
David Hemmings Dr. Charles Henry Moffet
Robin Riker Dr. Karen Hanson
Donald Hotton Dr. Robert Burton
Gary Pagett General Gilson
Mark Selinger Jet Pilot 1
Freddie Dawson Jet Pilot 2
Rodger La Rue Young Pilot
Siberia (Bering Sea)
Valley of the Gods
Note: The misspelling of "Moffet" is accurate
Moffet's Theme
Screenplay revision dates: 07/30/1984
EN  08/09/1984
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This episode is rated in the TOP 15.
On a secret mission behind the Iron Curtain, Hawke loses control of the onboard computer, which was programmed on a timer by Airwolf's creator, Dr. Moffet...now Airwolf is set to destroy any aircraft in its range on NBC Universalís "AIRWOLF" episode entitled "Moffett's Ghost." The episode was directed by Don Baer from a teleplay by T.S. Cook.

The ghost of the late Charles Moffet, the brilliant but deranged developer of the aerial superweapon Airwolf, manifests itself to haunt Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini in perilous style. During a series of flights, Airwolf's computerized guidance system develops a mind of its own, refusing to respond to manual or electronic maneuvers executed by Hawke and Santini. The uncontrollable behavior of the system extends even to causing bizarre attacks by Airwolf on friendly aircraft and other airborne objects. With a crucial secret mission upcoming, Hawke and Santini summon Dr. Karen Hanson, an electronics expert, to troubleshoot the guidance system. Dr. Hanson discovers that a computerized version of Moffett's vengeful ghost is the source of the problem, but the solution seems beyond her mind and experience.
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